Kubik-Rubik Joomla! Extensions

Kubik-Rubik Joomla! Erweiterungen - Viktor Vogel

Kubik-Rubik Joomla! Extensions - Quality, free extensions for Joomla!

2CSB - 2 Click Social Buttons

More Privacy on Social Buttons! Data are loaded only after a click.

AIB - Author Info Box

Display important information about the author above or underneath the article in an author info box!

ASK - Auto Subscription for Kunena

Auto subscription - Automatic activation of subscriptions in Kunena 2.x. / 3.x.

BLS - Backend Language Switcher

Switches the language in the backend directly, without having to leave the opened page.

CDUB - CountDown-Up Big

Small and quick countdown module for unlimited number of event entries (with count up function).

DSK - Display Searched Keywords

Show popular search phrases that were entered in a search engine (default is Google) to find the page.

EBR - Easybook Reloaded

Easybook Reloaded is a user-friendly guestbook component with many features!

ECC+ - EasyCalcCheck Plus

Protects Joomla! Forms and 3rd Party Extensions from spam messages and spam registrations.

EER - Easy Error Reporting

Sets the error reporting level depending on the selected user groups.

EFSEO - Easy Frontend SEO

Edit or add relevant metadata such as title, description, generator and keywords directly in the frontend.

EJB - Easy Joomla Backup

Create backups with Easy Joomla Backup - Files and database dump as a ZIP archive.

EJS - Easy Joomla Spoiler

Simple spoiler with the help of CSS - Hide text that can be displayed with the mouse.

EKS - Easy Keyword Sitemap

With this plugin you may create semantic sitemaps in which articles are grouped by their keywords.

FPC - Force Password Complexity

Strong passwords are enforced based on individual rules with this plugin.

FRC - Fewest Read Content

Show an overview over all articles with the fewest or most hits with many features.

J!TS - J!TinySlideshow

With this module you can create a slideshow (text or images) with a nice slide or fade effect.

JCC - JS CSS Control

Control the loading of JS and CSS files globally and specifically in Joomla!

LLFJ - Lazy Load for Joomla!

Images are loaded only in the visible area - Advantage: saves bandwith and the pages are loaded much faster.

NS - Newsscroller Self DHTML

Scrolling news - show own messages in a scroller on a module position.

OYL - Obscure Your Links

Obscure easily internal and external links in Joomla! or use this plugin as a webcode generator.

PWD-GEN J! - Password Generator

Small and fast generator for passwords (with Easy and Safe mode).

QCC - Quick Cache Cleaning

Performs maintenance tasks (clear and purge expired cache, global check-in) within seconds.

RIE - Random Image Extended

This module shows random images on a module position. It is a further development of RIM!

RYV - Random Youtube Videos

Shows an unlimited number of Youtube videos in shuffle mode in Joomla!.

SEOFLI - SEO Friendly Links and Images

Title and Alt attributes are set automatically - Important for search engine optimization.

SIGE - Simple Image Gallery Extended

With SIGE you can embed galleries in articles with many options and features.

VCNT - Visitorcounter

This module is a complete visitor counter for Joomla! with numerous features and backend info.

WCK - Write Control for Kunena

Set write permissions for specific user groups in Kunena Forum - without restriction of visibility.

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